"It's Fun to Search and a Joy to Find"

When a Quester from San Franciso, CA, moved to Arkansas in 1970, she gathered together some of her new friends and formed Quapaw Chapter #519 in the Little Rock area.  By 1977 there were five more chapters:  Fairfield Bay #800; Petit Jean #819; La Petit Roche #822; Clara B. Eno #830; and Arkopolis #867.  Now, in 2013, there are fourteen chapters throughout the state.

On May 2, 1980, Arkansas' chapters became an "Organized Quester State", with the first state-wide meeting held in Little Rock.  The National President brought the State Quester Charter to the meeting and installed the first State officers.

Over the years, chapters have been formed and dissolved, but Arkansas' first chapter, Quapaw, is still meeting and actively supporting not only their local and state preservation and restoration projects, but the goals of The Questers International as they have for 43 years!


Our Honor Roll of 
Arkansas State Questers Past Presidents

1980-1082 Marie Blackburn       

1982-1984               Dorothy Veirs

1984-1986               Betty Mullenix

1986-1988               Margaret Porter

1988-1990               Lily Jaeger

1990-1992               Avanelle Poehler

1992-1994               Katheryn Kittrell

1994-1996               Claudia Reed

1996-1998               Mary Copeland

1998-2000               Joan Clifford

2000-2002               Liz Brown

2002-2004               Willa Wells

2004-2006               Jeanne Stokebrand

2006-2008               Kathy Dickerson

2008-2010               Pam McAllister

2010-2012               Linda Hunter

2012-2014               Carol Moseley


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