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Arkansas State Capitol, construction started 1899 -- completed 1915
The Old State House began as the Territorial Capital in 1833. Arkansas attained statehood in 1836. The Old State House was completed in 1842 and thus became the State Capitol building.
Wolf House, Norfolk, AR, Circuit Court of Territoral Arkansas in early 1800s, oldest log structure in Arkansas

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to assist and support, through fellowship and action, the efforts of The Questers, an international non-profit organization, and individuals with an interest in the research and study of antiques, historic preservation and restoration, and education.


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through the past and into the future"

(March 1, 2015)

There are three very important dates for Arkansas Questers occurring in March.

The first is March 8th, when we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the chartering of the Arkansas State Questers in 1980. Does anyone remember that event? If you do, please share your memories with us by emailing web master Roger at:rlpoole@swbell.net, so that he may post them for all to read.

Here is the lovely note I received from Questers International.

The other two important dates are deadlines.

March 10th is the date your registration for the International Convention in Princeton, New Jersey must be in. This is another time to celebrate being a Quester, as this will mark the 65th year for Convention. Please find all the convention and registration information either on the Questers International website, or in the Winter 2014 Quester Quarterly.

And the last, but not the least, is the deadline of March 15th, when you need to have in your registration for our Spring Annual State Convention in Hot Springs. You can find all the Spring Convention details by clicking the links above. You also need to pick out what fun hat you will wear to the luncheon on Saturday.

Hope to see you in Princeton and for sure, see you all in Hot Springs!

Quest on,


What if?

You had to start each day with no memory, record or treasure of the past ?
Historians neglected to educate the public ?
Adults failed to interest younger generations in the past?
No one ever challenged the research of historians ?

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