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Arkansas State Capitol, construction started 1899 -- completed 1915
The Old State House began as the Territorial Capital in 1833. Arkansas attained statehood in 1836. The Old State House was completed in 1842 and thus became the State Capitol building.
Wolf House, Norfolk, AR, Circuit Court of Territoral Arkansas in early 1800s, oldest log structure in Arkansas

 Our Mission is Simple...
to assist and support, through fellowship and action, the efforts of The Questers, an international non-profit organization, and individuals with an interest in the research and study of antiques, historic preservation and restoration, and education.

The date was June 21, 2014. The place was Dardanelle, Arkansas. The task was to conduct a peaceful transfer of power from the old to the new State President. Gavels were passed, gifts were given, and a load of Presidential papers was dumped er uh presented by the outgoing President, Carol Anne Moseley, to the incoming President, Camille Hatcher.

through the past and into the future"



September 2014

 Back to Meetings

For those of you who meet September to May, it’s “back to meetings” time. I can hardly wait. I adore our meetings, the programs, seeing my friends and discussing our P&R project. I know all of you feel the same, as it is reflected in each of your chapter’s program topics, and P&R efforts. And now that you are back to meeting, don’t forget your Chapter Banner project as it will really be outstanding. For the Chapter Banner guidelines, please go to the President’s Page.

My chapter, Butterfield Trails, will go on its annual Mystery Trip for our September meeting. We have visited some outstanding locations and have seen some amazing collections. What will we do this September???

During my term in office, I would like to continue the State President’s tradition of making a visit to each Chapter. I have 13 chapters to visit with about 16 monthly meetings in which to accomplish this. Let me know a good time to visit, and I’ll arrange for it in my schedule.

Next month is “Call to Fall Council” in Russellville, Arkansas. For complete details, please go to the President’s Page. See you there. Location details have changed! Please see the President's page for the latest information.

Quest on

Where in Arkansas is Camille?
Can you tell from the photo below?
The mystery continues...

Questers RESTORE!  Questers PRESERVE!  Questers COLLECT!  Questers SHARE!   

Camille Hatcher
State President 
Arkansas Questers  

What if?

You had to start each day with no memory, record or treasure of the past ?
Historians neglected to educate the public ?
Adults failed to interest younger generations in the past?
No one ever challenged the research of historians ?

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