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Arkansas State Capitol, construction started 1899 -- completed 1915
The Old State House began as the Territorial Capital in 1833. Arkansas attained statehood in 1836. The Old State House was completed in 1842 and thus became the State Capitol building.
Wolf House, Norfolk, AR, Circuit Court of Territoral Arkansas in early 1800s, oldest log structure in Arkansas

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to assist and support, through fellowship and action, the efforts of The Questers, an international non-profit organization, and individuals with an interest in the research and study of antiques, historic preservation and restoration, and education.

Enjoy a video visit with the  "Soundwaves" Quartet
from the National Park Community College
as presented Friday evening at Spring Convention
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July 1, 2015

Arkansas Questers President Speaks 

Here we go again with another festive Fourth of July.   Every year at this time I see the tents go up, they’re everywhere, full of fireworks and ask myself “who buys all that stuff?” And when they set them off, are they truly celebrating our nation’s independence? I’m sure there are many who are, but too many others are just looking for the big bang, the momentary thrill of the blast of noise and explosion of color. But that’s OK.

This last week of June 2015 has brought new landmark events to our nation’s history and has given me a lot to consider about what yet in our great nation needs to change, what needs to be accepted and what it all means historically concerning our freedoms and our independence.  While we are attempting, as Quester’s, to keep our history alive for the next generations, new history is constantly being made. 

Speaking of making history, we have some new officers and committee members I want to tell you about. They stepped into their new roles on Saturday June 20th at our state changeover meeting in Dardanelle. Dot Sanders from Calico Bluffs chapter is State Questers 1st VP, Elaine Rooney from Trail of Tears chapter is now our 2nd VP, and Robbie Brannon from Pinnacle chapter is the new Recording Secretary. Virginia Reynolds from Butterfield Trails will continue on the board as our State Treasurer.  We have a new Trav’ler Editor who hails from the Clara B Eno chapter, Sandra Pearson. Our new chairman of the Communications Committee is Mary Ellen Gardner from Vapor Valley chapter. These new officers and chairs will be a compliment to the board members already serving and will bring fresh ideas and a new enthusiasm to our meetings. And my sincere thanks and appreciation to those outgoing board and committee chairs, Dana Ritchie, Elizabeth Newton, Carolyn Moseley and Thelma Poole and who served so impeccably.

Lastly, something very sad happened this last week. We lost a former President of Arkansas State Questers, Joan Clifford from Bentonville Arkansas.  She was a woman who loved serving her community. You may read her obituary posted on the President’s Page.

Stay happy, stay healthy and quest on . . .


What if?

You had to start each day with no memory, record or treasure of the past ?
Historians neglected to educate the public ?
Adults failed to interest younger generations in the past?
No one ever challenged the research of historians ?

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